Data-driven Decisions with Reporting

Gain access to comprehensive analytics and data visualization tools to make informed decisions and drive growth


Welcome to our Reporting Module

Experience the transformative potential of our Reporting feature, designed to elevate your jewelry business to new heights. Tailored specifically for jewelry retailers, our comprehensive solution provides invaluable insights into your business performance, allowing you to make informed decisions and drive growth. With our Reporting feature, you gain access to detailed analytics and customizable reports, enabling you to monitor key metrics such as sales performance, inventory turnover, and customer engagement

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Comprehensive reporting suite

Gain actionable insights with our diverse range of reports, covering sales, marketing, and tax data. Track performance, identify trends, and make informed decisions effortlessly

Sales performance tracking
Marketing effectiveness analysis
Tax compliance monitoring
Comprehensive reporting suite


Sales tax report

Gain comprehensive insights into your sales tax obligations with our Sales Tax Report feature. Track tax rates, exemptions, and authorities effortlessly to ensure compliance and accurate reporting

Track tax rates
Manage exemptions
Monitor tax authorities
Sales tax report


Email summary report

Keep your customers informed with automated summary reports sent via email. Deliver daily or weekly performance insights to showcase your business's achievements and build trust with your audience

Automated delivery
Customizable frequency
Performance insights
Email summary report


Customizable filters

Refine your search results with customizable filters, enabling precise data retrieval based on your unique criteria. Access specific information effortlessly and optimize your workflow efficiency

Personalized criteria selection
Enhanced data precision
Streamlined information retrieval
Customizable filters
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